Andrew Foreshew-Cain

Fr Andrew is an Anglican priest, and was for many years Vicar of two parishes in North-West London, where he was heavily involved in local community regeneration and in the founding of The Sherriff Centre, an innovative Social enterprise that includes the only main branch Post Office in a church, shop, cafe and children's play Centre.


In 2014 he was the first Vicar to marry a same-sex partner, and since has been a vocal critic of the institutional homophobia of the Church of England, its policies and hierarchy. He was elected by fellow clergy to the General Synod of the Church of England and worked with others to defeat the Bishops report on human sexuality and to force a rethink in the Church's attitudes.


He moved to the Peak District in 2017, following his husband's change of work and has subsequently been denied permission to work as a priest in the CofE solely because he is married. He remains a vocal critic of the current process of writing of the House of Bishops 'Teaching Document'

Fr Andrew (on the right) on his wedding day with Stephen, his husband